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What is Cashflow?

By Hammad Razzaq | June 6, 2022

  To determine a good investment, buyers look at ROI. To do that they need to determine the business’s future cash flow. Future cash flow (sustainable EBITDA) is what a buyer gets after taking over your business.  This is calculated by:   Your business’s net income before taxes + interest on long-term debt + depreciation…

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The Tire Kicker

By Hammad Razzaq | February 28, 2022

  One key function of a broker is to weed out the tire kickers, so they don’t waste your valuable time and only bring forward serious potential buyers. In addition, every time confidential information is released about your business, there is risk that a leak could occur. We go through an extensive qualification process that…

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The right valuation is the place to start

By Hammad Razzaq | December 7, 2021

  Figuring out an accurate valuation for your business is complicated, but getting it done right can sidestep serious issues. We’ve seen owners list high to see what happens and then drop the price later when it doesn’t sell. This only hurts the image of the company and isn’t the way to get a deal done.…

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It Takes a Village to Sell a Business

By Hammad Razzaq | December 2, 2021

Selling a business takes a wide range of skillsets—business valuation, marketing, deal structure, buyer research and qualification, negotiations, due diligence, and managing the closing activities. All of this has to be done under the strict guise of confidentiality.  It would be rare to find a Jack of All Trades that can do it all. Having…

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Succession Plans are the Key to Successful Plans

By Hammad Razzaq | November 30, 2021

With so many small businesses owned by baby boomers, the next five years will see a transition in ownership like never before – the statistics are unprecedented. The surprising thing is that many of these owners don’t have a succession plan in place. For some owners, the future snuck up on them and they hadn’t…

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Using a Broker vs Your Accountant or Lawyer

By Hammad Razzaq | November 23, 2021

    Selling a business is complicated and having the right advice from the right people is critical. Your lawyer is there to represent your legal interests. Your accountant represents the numbers behind your business. Of course, they are critical to your success. But when it comes time to sell your business, you need someone…

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Benefits of Using a Local Broker

By Hammad Razzaq | November 16, 2021

Using a local broker can help the sale of your business go smoothly. As a local broker, we understand the market and the economics of the area and we have established relationships with local bankers. As we have been part of the community for decades, we have a knowledge of the various industries and have…

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A Confidentiality Breach can stop a deal in its tracks

By Hammad Razzaq | November 8, 2021

  A breach in confidentiality can have a huge impact during the sale of a business. If employees catch wind of a pending sale, they can leave rather than risk losing their job with new management. Clients can think twice about renewing contracts for fear that new owners may not have the same level of…

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Ready to Hire a Broker?

By Hammad Razzaq | November 2, 2021

Deciding to sell your business is a huge decision and you need to find the right broker to help you get to the finish line. Ask a lot of questions to make sure the broker has the experience needed for the job. In the initial interview, ask a potential broker: How many deals have they…

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75% of Businesses Never Sell. Why?

By Hammad Razzaq | October 29, 2021

Selling your business is a complex process. You can’t just list it on Kijiji and expect someone to snatch it up. Business owners are great at what they do, but for most people the ins and outs of selling a business fall outside their wheelhouse. Most people lack the skill set required to navigate the…

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