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Our Business Sale Process

You are ready for the next phase of your life and you’re preparing to sell your business. This is an exciting, but anxious, time for most entrepreneurs. After all, your business represents years of hard work and likely a large part of your investment portfolio; you want to bring about a successful transition.


The business, or company, sale process is complicated and involves many steps. When the process is not professionally managed, the risk of a deal falling apart increases dramatically. Confidentiality may be breached, your buyer may be unable to acquire financing at the last minute, or highly charged emotions may result in an irreparable breakdown in negotiations. These are just a few of the problems that may arise.

Our business sale process is designed to facilitate the sale, not make it more complex. We ensure that you don’t suffer from the deal fatigue that can result when the process is not professionally managed or when the buyer and the buyer’s advisors attempt to make the transaction much more complicated than it needs to be.

Steps to Selling Your Business

1 Building a Foundation of Trust

You need to trust us to do what’s best for you in all stages of the process, and we need to trust you to keep your goals in mind and to be involved in the process.

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2 Preparing Your Business for Sale

Preparing your business for the sale is extremely important. The more information you are able to provide, the better job we can do presenting your business to buyers.

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3 Presenting Your Business

A Confidential Information Memorandum, or CIM, is a comprehensive overview of your business. It’s the vehicle for making a great first impression on buyers.

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4 Customized Marketing Plan

Marketing your business is not just a matter of placing a few online ads and waiting for the phone to ring. Businesses like yours demand a more professional approach.

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5 The Investment Opportunity / M&A Teaser

After our buyer research, we will distribute an Investment Opportunity / M&A Teaser.. The teaser is a document used to introduce your business opportunity to prospective buyers.

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6 Business Buyer Qualification

Business buyer qualification ensures that confidentiality is maintained and keeps the process moving forward without wasting everyone’s time on unsuitable buyers.

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7 The Non-Disclosure Agreement

After prospective buyers have been identified and targeted, they must sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement, also called an NDA or Confidentiality Agreement.

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8 Letters of Intent / Offers to Purchase a Business

Letters of intent can sometimes be very vague. This inevitably results in problems, issues, and misunderstandings during the subsequent negotiations.

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9 Negotiating the sale

Negotiating the sale of a business is the most critical phase of the business sale process. Professionally managing this critical phase is extremely important.

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10 Due Diligence

The due diligence process is often difficult and challenging. You must provide a great deal of corporate and personal information, even if it’s private or confidential.

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11 Closing

It’s not just you and the buyer anymore. There are now more people involved in the deal on both sides: accountants, lawyers, and tax specialists.

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Your Business Sale Advisor

As your business sale advisor, we know that preparation is key. If you’re not prepared for every part of the process, the sale of your business may fail to meet your expectations. That’s why we take the time, starting with our first meeting, to let you know what’s in store every step of the way. Without that understanding, you may be faced with unpleasant surprises because you weren’t properly educated about all aspects of the transaction.

By taking some time to read the information in this section, you’ll understand our business sale process and what’s involved in each step.