Customized Marketing Plan

Marketing your business is not just a matter of placing a few online ads and waiting for the phone to ring. That may work for very small operations, but businesses like yours demand a professional approach to marketing in order to find the right buyer efficiently and confidentially.

The creation of the marketing plan allows us to determine:

  • The type of buyer who will see the most value in your business
  • The buyer with the qualities and characteristics you desire
  • Where that buyer might be found
  • Any marketing avenues that may threaten confidentiality
  • When, and how, marketing will begin

Buyer Research

Our discussions with you, and our buyer profiling, will determine the best method or group of methods for finding the right buyer for your business. Your confidentiality parameters, your business type, and the type of buyer are some factors dictating how and where marketing efforts will be focused.

Depending on your unique situation, we may use many different strategies to find prospective buyers for your business, such as:

  • Approaching suitable candidates from our in-house database of qualified buyers
  • Researching companies that have a strategic reason for acquiring your business—perhaps even a competitor
  • Contacting our extensive network of accounting, legal, and financial professionals
  • Advertising on various online resources

Other avenues may also be explored if it is appropriate for your situation.

Once you approve our marketing plan, we will distribute an Investment Teaser to prospective buyers in order to identify buyers who have a preliminary interest in this acquisition opportunity.

This does not mark an end to our buyer research. We may continue to identify interested parties until we have a sufficient level of interest in your business.

You’re In Charge

The decision on which buyers we approach is yours. We’ll do the research and develop the marketing plan but you have approval each step of the way.