Business Value is Derived From a Formula, not from Hope

You might think you know what your business is worth.  After the years of hard work and sacrifice, you also might have a dollar figure in your head that you hope to get out of the business now that you’re ready to sell. So often, people come in and say they need to sell their business for $XX to reflect what they have invested and what they need to get in order to start the next stage of their lives.

What they really need is to learn about valuation to understand that what they want out of the business is not always aligned with what the market is willing to pay. If a business owner holds on to an unrealistic valuation, they could very well end up getting nothing when they can’t find a buyer.

We use a proven and accepted methodology based on a number of indicators like cash flow, assets and liabilities, competition, labour base, and growth opportunities to predict a fair market price. Science and experience, not hope, will sell your business.

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