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The first question we usually hear from sellers is, “What do you do to make sure the sale is confidential?”

Avoiding Confidentialty Breach

That’s not surprising considering the drastic effects a breach of confidentiality can have, including:

  • Your employees worrying about losing their jobs and perhaps leaving to work elsewhere
  • Your clients considering doing business with your competitors because they’re worried they won’t get the same level of service
  • Your suppliers becoming hesitant to extend credit or favourable terms
  • Your competitors licking their lips and telling everyone that you’re selling so they can attract some of your clients

Confidentiality is at the core of trusted relationships and key in any successful business transaction. It safeguards sensitive information, builds trust, and encourages open communication and mutual respect.”

Confidentiality Agreements

We never disclose your business name, or sensitive information about your business, to a prospective buyer unless that buyer has been pre-screened and qualified, and has signed our Confidentiality Agreement (Non-Disclosure Agreement).

In addition to our Confidentiality Agreement, we take the following measures to ensure that confidentiality is maintained:

  • At your option, you approve each and every potential buyer after we have qualified them and before they have received any specific information pertaining to your business.
  • Our website is secure, and any information you provide is encrypted for your protection.
  • All meetings are conducted in our private meeting spaces.
  • Neither your name or your business name is mentioned outside of our offices.
  • We only contact you using your private phone number or email address.
  • We will never contact anyone at your business unless they know you are selling, and then only at a private phone number or email address.
  • Whenever possible, we conduct our own buyer research in place of using online ads.
  • We do not put our business listings on our website. Even the most general information can arouse suspicion that it’s your business for sale.